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Universal Patterns & Releasing Attachment to Separateness

Ideas and opinions change, and views on life shift, allowing for growth. New decisions and new choices allow new neural pathways to develop, creating room for more growth and release of attachment.

We flow moment to moment on waves of experience.

release of attachement  likened to the flow of water
Photo by Emiliano Arano on Pexels.com

We allow our identity to be determined by our views and opinions and, sometimes, even more so, by the expectations of others. This ID-entity is an illusion.

This illusion causes the separation we feel from all of creation.

We must learn to release our attachment to the idea that we are separate from our experience. Along with everything else in the Universe, we flow from moment to moment and are a process of the Universe.

The Universe favors specific patterns (systems) which optimize flow. We see examples of this daily as our roadways resemble the circulatory or nervous systems in animals, the branches of trees, rivers, and their tributaries, or the similarity between atoms and solar systems. Within these systems or patterns, the flow of energy is optimized.

Briefly, let us think about the systems of our bodies- blood flows through veins, air flows through our lungs, hormones flow, thoughts flow- EVERYTHING flows. Now let us think about the Earth: Rivers flow, air flows, Rock and ice flow. Nothing is static; everything is a flow, movement, and change process within a system (patterns) of energy.

Patterns of leaves reflected in waater
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Everything is energy. Life is an inter-play of energetic systems, a beautiful dance. We must allow awareness of our dance with the Universe to fully blossom to experience the infinite.

Listen to Suchness: a meditation for a deeper experience. Only on Insight Timer or read the original blog post here.


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