My name is Kristen Simonds. I am a Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher. I have had a formal mediation practice for about 16 years, and I am so grateful to have discovered it on my journey. Meditation led me to explore other modalities and practices such as yoga, Eastern Religious Studies, Chakras, and Reiki. I began my Reiki journey in 2014 and completed my Reiki Master Teacher training in 2017. I taught at local yoga studios prior to COVID-19 and have since flowed towards online platforms. Guided meditations are available through my podcast, Dandelion Doorways, or through Insight Timer.

Please reach out if you have any questions about Reiki or meditation.

The Philosophy of Dandelion Doorways

The physical and spiritual worlds are just two of the many different realities. We cannot readily perceive, with our five senses, the other manifestations of reality however, through practices such as meditation, we occasionally glimpse these other realities. These glimpses can lead to a deeper understanding of self and the nature of being.

Everything we encounter is a form of energy.  It surrounds us, flows through us, and guides us.  Energy is not bound by time or space.

MATTER and METER are derived from the Sanskrit root MATR – meaning to measure. In this sense, we can see that MATTER is not a thing; it is an attempt by man to measure his surroundings. Matter is a measurement of a process of the Universe, subsequently viewing matter as objects, we increase our view as being separate from nature (the Universe). Matter is the measure of form; form is a process of the Universe. We are all a part of that process.

With REIKI, we directly interact with that process; instead of thinking we are giving ourselves over to the whims of fate, we take an active role in creating the life we desire, a life of service to others and the Earth.  

We understand the sacredness of all things, including time, and in doing so we realize “clock time” is a man-made construct to measure the moments of human life. The only true time is now- in the moment. We practice present-moment awareness.

With mindful awareness, we take care of our mind, body, and spirit in a conscious, loving way. We utilize our breath to be present in our daily activities and meditate to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of ourselves and our egos.

We develop and learn to trust our intuition acting from a place of honor and grace. Recognizing our mistakes, we learn from them. Moreover, we do not “beat ourselves up mentally” for not always being present and gracious; instead, we use our knowledge of REIKI and the tools we have been blessed with to lift ourselves up and begin anew and subsequently are reborn every moment.

 We realize the energy created by stress leaves an imprint on our energetic system, manifesting in some as acid reflux, panic, high blood pressure, and other dis-ease. With a deep understanding of the energetic processes, we can actively become aware of the energetic imprint (emotion) affecting our body, watch it mindfully, and let it release.  We take care to give ourselves treatments in order to move from a place of stasis to flow.

We shine.