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  • Embracing the Shadows

    Embracing the shadows allows us to fully understand the value and beauty of light as we all experience times of darkness, either from situations outside of our control or from the rising of darkness within. Although, while in the midst of these times, all circumstances can seem lost or hopeless, it can be a time…

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  • Are You Being Mindful of Your Needs?

    Are you being mindful of your needs? As we (in the northern hemisphere) move towards colder, shorter days, it is a good idea to create healthy routines to maintain balance.Are you getting proper nutrition?Eat warming, nourishing foods like homemade root vegetable soups, and stews, or try a warming Kitchari for a gentle seasonal cleanse. Are…

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  • Reiki

    Happy now, beautiful souls! It is a crisp, cold morning here in upstate NY- the perfect day to cozy up with a cup of tea, a good book, or get started on a new blog post! I do like to hibernate a bit more in the winter. My body and mind crave warmth, comfort, and…

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