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  • Benefits of Morning Practice

    By starting your day mindfully with a morning meditation , you can cultivate benefits such as a greater sense of awareness and presence, which can help you navigate the day’s challenges with greater ease and clarity. Mornings can be challenging, especially when trying to incorporate new practices into your routine. I completely understand the struggle…

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  • Chakra Balancing Course

    Greetings and welcome to the ten-day chakra cleanse! Throughout this program, you will discover the distinct characteristics of the seven primary chakras and how to tap into their energy to achieve a more harmonious daily life. Our current lifestyle has caused us to lose touch with our natural selves, but this course will help us…

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  • World Peace Project

    Listen Now If you are interested in participating, please contact either myself or Bethany.

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  • Within

    I go withinto the place of sacred stillnesswhere time no longer existsand in the space behind space,in the pause of my breath,I meet you in divine silence,merging into oneness,touching the infinite,lost in love.~𝖪𝖬𝖲

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  • Farewell 2022: Reading patterns in stone

    Another year has passed, and for me, it was, at times, a painfully slow roll, nuanced with emerging patterns. It reminded me of a class in college almost 25 years ago. The professor was a mild-mannered, aging hippy, complete with a ponytail tied, not with a rubber band, but a piece of old leather cording.…

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  • Winter Solstice Meditation

    The Winter Solstice is the return of light. We endure through the darkness to be reborn in light. Journey within to meet the darkness with love and compassion as we take a moment to forgive ourselves and discover our inner light ever present.  Music by Maura ten Hoopen. Licensed from restfulmind.com

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  • 364 days…

    A year ago today, I had my last drink. I did not know it at the time and I honestly can’t remember what it was. Only that I went to bed drunk as usual, woke up probably still drunk and began that Monday morning as usual- getting ready for work, not knowing then that I…

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  • Find Pleasure in the Simple Things

    By simple, I mean natural. We are inherently surrounded by elegant simplicity. The delicate fold of a new leaf unfurling; the gentle decent of that same leaf, months later, as it is released by the steadfast deciduous of its birth. We now live in an unnatural world of concrete and plastic; imitation flora decorating the…

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