Tag: shadow self

  • Embracing the Shadows

    Embracing the shadows allows us to fully understand the value and beauty of light as we all experience times of darkness, either from situations outside of our control or from the rising of darkness within. Although, while in the midst of these times, all circumstances can seem lost or hopeless, it can be a time…

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  • Discernment

    Each day we are faced with turmoil, whether in our personal lives or in the media content we consume. This constant barrage of negative news can have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing. There are things we can do to improve our relationship with our consumption of social media and news. The easiest…

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  • Winter Solstice Meditation

    The Winter Solstice is the return of light. We endure through the darkness to be reborn in light. Journey within to meet the darkness with love and compassion as we take a moment to forgive ourselves and discover our inner light ever present.  Music by Maura ten Hoopen. Licensed from restfulmind.com

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