Wellness Services

Dandelion Doorways offers a comprehensive array of wellness services with the primary focus of promoting mindfulness and stress relief. Our offerings include guided meditation sessions, Reiki energy healing, and wellness courses tailored to suit individual needs and preferences.

Online Wellness Services

Premium courses are available for subscribers on Insight Timer and Spotify; these include the 10-Day Chakra Balancing Course and Creating Sacred Space.

Card Readings

Choose from Tarot, Reiki, Buddhist Wisdom, or Oracle Cards. Various Spreads are available. Card readings are available virtually through Instagram. I kindly ask for a donation for the Card Readings. Please contact me through the IG link for a reading or more information.


Usui Reiki Offerings

Experience the ultimate relaxation as you recline on a massage table and let go of tension and stress as we invite the flow of energy to open up your subtle energetic pathways and promote healing. Enhance your experience by combining a Usui Reiki treatment with Chakra Balancing or Crystal Therapies. As a returning customer, receive a Reiki Boost to complement your personalized treatment. Additionally, enjoy a customized meditation or mantra to continue your healing journey.

Usui Reiki
60 Minutes
Usui Reiki with Chakra Balancing
75 Minutes
Usui Reiki with Crystal Therapies
90 Minutes
Usui Reiki Boost
30 Minutes

Usui Reiki Master Classes

Learn the Art of Usui Reiki and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Whether you want to feel more centered and in touch with your true self or expand your awareness on a path to heal others or teach, your journey begins here. Experience your sacred energy while releasing stress and attachments. Learn the history and philosophy of Master Mikao Usui, how and when to use Reiki, hand placement, chakras, meditation, and more. Each student will receive their Reiki Attunements during a special invocation ceremony. Additionally, students receive a set of chakra stones and continued guidance for the 21-day energetic clearing. Each class level also receives a personalized training manual and Reiki certificate.

Group and package discounts are available. Please contact for details.

Reiki 1st Degree Training and Attunement
This is a 2-day intensive training. Training takes place on non-sequential days, with independent work to be completed between classes.
Reiki 2nd Degree Training and Attunement
This is a 2-day intensive training. Training takes place on non-sequential days, with independent work to be completed between classes. Learn Reiki symbols and their use.
Reiki 3rd Degree Master Teacher Training and Attunement
This is a 3-month intensive training including topics such as philosophy, religion, meditation, and mysticism. Students will receive detailed instruction and guidance in developing their personal practice and embracing Reiki in every aspect of their life. Training includes two 21-day guided energetic cleansings to begin and conclude this part of their Reiki journey. Students will learn Master symbols, their uses, and how to properly provide distance Reiki treatments.
Contact for more information

Wellness Services

Misplaced your sparkle? Ready to dust off your attachments and experience more joy? If this resonates, then these may be the offerings for you!

21-Day Journey to Your Authentic Self
Starting the process of inner healing involves recognizing and embracing your emotions. It’s essential to realize that your thoughts and feelings do not define you; rather, you’re experiencing them. This course will help you explore your innermost being to work through your emotions and uncover the underlying cause of any harmful patterns or behaviors. Once you’ve identified the root cause, you can begin the healing process and move towards a happier and healthier you. You’ll receive daily questions and affirmations to help you remove any blockages triggered by past traumas. Remember, practicing self-care and self-love are crucial aspects of your journey towards inner healing. 21-days
Chakra Balancing
Chakras are balanced and opened with a pendulum while relaxed on a massage table. Crystals may be used if additional energy clearing is required. The recipient will also receive instructions for breath work for continued balance. 60 minutes
Chakra Balancing Booking