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  • Stop doing. Start being.

    “Did you read that poem?” Dorrance asked from behind Ralph. “The one that starts ‘Each thing I do I rush through so I can do something else’?” Steven King, from Insomnia How many of us rush through what we must “do” because it is tedious, or we do not feel like doing it? We lead…

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  • Chakra Balancing

    As we continue into week two of our chakra healing adventure, we will begin to look at how an imbalance in one chakra can affect the others. We will be working with the Vishudda (throat) chakra because most of us use our voices every day. The vishudda governs communication in all forms. It is how…

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  • Well-being


    As summer begins to wind down, I notice that I haven’t been as mindful with regard to what I am taking in.  As the days get shorter, they also seem to get busier, more hectic, and less intentional.  I notice this shift in awareness about 4 times a year, usually prior to the solstices and…

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  • Passion


    We tend to float through our days in a haze of to-do lists, errands, work responsibilities, and other tasks that typically do not ignite a passion for life. These are all things most of us must do every day. But are they? And can we perhaps change our perspective regarding the mundane? The older I…

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  • Monday Musings

    Good Morning, Monday! Usually my least favorite day of the week. I tend to be mopey and maladjusted on Monday mornings as I am longing for the laziness of the weekend. I am not very mindful of myself, living in the past of yesterday or only looking ahead to Saturday. Five whole days of new…

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  • Mindful Moments

    Mindful Moments are little exercises we can do to incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives. I will occasionally share these little nuggets on the podcast. If you are looking for information regarding a specific practice such as breath work, Reiki, or meditation, please contact me, and I will be happy to assist! Reflection Do you…

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