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My name is Kristen Simonds, and I am a seasoned Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher. With over 16 years of dedicated meditation practice, I feel incredibly grateful to have discovered this transformative practice on my personal journey. Through meditation, I have delved into various modalities, such as yoga, Eastern Religious Studies, Chakras, and Reiki, expanding my knowledge and expertise in the field.

In 2014, I embarked on my Reiki journey, and I am proud to have completed my Reiki Master Teacher training in 2017. Prior to the challenges brought by COVID-19, I was actively teaching at local yoga studios. However, in light of the circumstances, I have seamlessly transitioned to online platforms to continue sharing my wisdom and guidance.

You can now find my insightful guided meditations on my podcast, Dandelion Doorways on Spotify as well as on the popular meditation app, Insight Timer. Through these platforms, I aim to guide and support individuals on their own transformative journeys towards inner peace and personal growth.

Meditation Teacher at Dandelion Doorways

Please reach out if you have any questions about Reiki or meditation.

The Philosophy of Dandelion Doorways

The physical and spiritual worlds, although distinct, are just two of the myriad realities that exist. Our limited perception, confined to the five senses, often prevents us from fully experiencing the vastness of these other dimensions. However, by engaging in practices like meditation, we can occasionally catch a glimpse of these alternate realities. These fleeting glimpses hold the potential to deepen our self-awareness and grant us profound insights into the nature of existence.

Everything we encounter is a form of energy. It surrounds us, flows through us, and guides us. Energy is not bound by time or space.

MATTER and METER are derived from the Sanskrit root MATR – meaning to measure. In this sense, we can see that MATTER is not a thing; it is an attempt by man to measure his surroundings. Matter is a measurement of a process of the Universe, subsequently viewing matter as objects, we increase our view as being separate from nature (the Universe). Matter is the measure of form; form is a process of the Universe. We are all a part of that process.

With REIKI, we actively engage in shaping our own lives and the world around us. Instead of feeling helpless to the forces of destiny, we embrace our ability to create the life we truly want. By serving others and nurturing the Earth, we contribute to a more fulfilling existence.

We deeply appreciate the sanctity of every aspect of existence, including the concept of time. However, we acknowledge that “clock time” is a human invention designed to quantify the moments of our lives. Yet, we firmly believe that the only time that truly matters is the present moment. Hence, we actively cultivate a state of awareness and mindfulness, allowing us to fully embrace the here and now.

With unwavering determination, we diligently nurture our mind, body, and spirit, honoring each aspect with utmost care. Harnessing the power of our breath, we remain fully engaged in our daily endeavors, while our meditative practice unveils profound insights into our innermost being, fostering a profound awareness and transcendence of our ego.

We cultivate our intuition by confidently acting from a place of honor and grace. Embracing our mistakes, we actively learn from them. Furthermore, we refuse to dwell on any shortcomings, but instead, utilize our understanding of REIKI and the incredible resources at our disposal to uplift ourselves and start fresh. We are reborn in every single moment, embracing our own power.

We understand that stress carries a powerful energy that can impact our overall well-being. This energy often manifests in physical symptoms such as acid reflux, panic, or high blood pressure. However, by gaining a deep understanding of the energetic processes at play, we can actively recognize and release the emotional imprints affecting our bodies. By approaching this with mindfulness and self-care, we can transition from a state of stagnation to a state of flow.

We shine.

Dive in!

And start your wellness journey with us today.

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Dive in!

And start your wellness journey with us today.

We promise we’ll never spam! Take a look at our Privacy Policy for more info.