Inner Space

My inner space is almost constantly pondering. I can’t help it. The phrase would be, “I can’t turn off my brain.” But is it my brain that won’t turn off?

Hence my last trip down the rabbit hole of my inner space.

Modern philosophy teaches that consciousness resides in the brain along with memory and personality. But what if that is a shortsighted notion?

Consciousness may be something we “tap into.” A pervasive field of information that flows through all of existence. We, and with all other life, are receptors for this field. Our DNA designates us as human; therefore, our DNA is the receptor for human consciousness. A tree taps into the field of “tree,” etc.
We can think of it as a guidance system. Humans (and perhaps other life) have the ability to change their DNA to tap into higher planes of consciousness.

Our DNA exists in every cell of our body. Our entire body is then capable of holding memories and giving rise to our personality.

People who have received organ transplants may show evidence of this transference. Many transplant recipients have reported having new skills, memories not theirs, and personality traits never before displayed. They display the attributes of the donors.

Our connection to all life is written in our DNA. The Higgs Boson or God Particle’s entanglement with mass/gravity or physical form allows the field (energy) to collapse into matter (form). Because of form, we can tap into the field of consciousness (or ether or Akasha).

We are the Universe experiencing itself. It is a self-referring loop. Everything from supernovas to grasshoppers is intrinsically connected through the field of consciousness.

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