Patty’s GoFundMe

Hello friends and fellow wordsmiths. Below is an excerpt from my dear friend’s GoFundMe page. I know these are difficult times financially for everyone but I kindly ask for you help. Can you spare $5? The cost of an average specialty coffee to help a fellow human through a very difficult time? Patty isn’t asking for much. She has simple needs at this time- medical bills, mortgage, electricity, gas… Things most of us take for granted. So can you spare $5 to help my friend as she graciously navigates stage 4 ovarian cancer?

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Also, if you are in able to give could you please share the link to the GoFundMe?



Author: Kristen Simonds

Host of the Dandelion Doorways Podcast: focusing on mindful living, exploring practices such as meditation and Reiki, and how simple shifts in perspective can allow us to experience a deeper connection and more blissful life.

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