The Gift of Balance: FREE Chakra Master Class Equinox Offering

As we approach the first day of Autumn, I am offering the Chakra Balancing Master Class for free on Spotify.

Take some time to reflect on balance. Autumn is a time for slowing down, reflecting on our past year in gratitude for growth and lessons learned.
Where within the 4 levels of existence-Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Mental; are you experiencing an imbalance?

If you’d like to take this process deeper, I am offering my 10 day Chakra Balancing Course for free on Spotify through October 1st.

Chakra Balancing Master Class

Throughout this program, you will discover the distinct characteristics of the seven primary chakras and how to tap into their energy to achieve a more harmonious daily life. Our current lifestyle has caused us to lose touch with our natural selves, but this course will reconnect you to your innermost authentic self.

Learn the NUANCES of your sacred energy centers

To start the course, we will introduce the seven main chakras on the first day, followed by a guided meditation. This will help you become more familiar with these energy centers.

Free Master Class

During days two through eight, we will focus on one chakra per day, starting from the root chakra and moving up to the crown chakra. It’s essential to tune in to the energy of each sacred center and bring balance. Keep a journal nearby to record any sensations, emotions, or changes in your body.

For optimal results, listening to the second through eighth days in a row is suggested, repeating the process three times, resulting in 21 days. Furthermore, this practice allows for a strengthened connection and balance to develop through the meditations and an increased awareness of the relationship between the body, mind, and spirit.

Contemplation & Meditation

On days nine and ten, you will embark on a transformative journey of self-reflection and introspection. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking journal questions designed to enhance your personal growth. Dive deep into your innermost thoughts and emotions as you embrace the power of self-discovery.




Dive in!

And start your wellness journey with us today.

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