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  • Chakra Balancing

    As we continue into week two of our chakra healing adventure, we will begin to look at how an imbalance in one chakra can affect the others. We will be working with the Vishudda (throat) chakra because most of us use our voices every day. The vishudda governs communication in all forms. It is how…

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  • Well-being


    As summer begins to wind down, I notice that I haven’t been as mindful with regard to what I am taking in.  As the days get shorter, they also seem to get busier, more hectic, and less intentional.  I notice this shift in awareness about 4 times a year, usually prior to the solstices and…

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  • Midsummer Magic

    The harvest is upon us as the days slowly shorten, and we begin to prepare for cooler, darker days ahead. Yet now we are in the midst of abundance, a time of plenty as traditionally midsummer was the first harvest of the year. This is a time of gratitude for the nourishment which has been…

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