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Midsummer Magic

The harvest is upon us as the days slowly shorten, and we begin to prepare for cooler, darker days ahead. Yet now we are in the midst of abundance, a time of plenty as traditionally midsummer was the first harvest of the year. This is a time of gratitude for the nourishment which has been provided by Mother Earth. A time to appreciate the seeds (bija) we have planted in the fertile valleys of our minds which have come to fruition. It is a time of gathering with family and friends and breaking bread.

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In Celtic lore, the god Lugh was associated with the harvest, and a celebration bearing his name is celebrated to this day. Lughnasadh (midsummer; August 1st) was celebrated as a harvest festival that included athletic games, ritual ceremonies, and bountiful feasts. It is celebrated today with feasting, songs, and freshly baked bread, and fresh-picked corn can usually be found on the menu.

So many of us are blessed with abundance and have never known need or want for food, shelter, or LOVE. We can make this a time to practice gratitude for our many blessings. Break bread with friends and family; express your gratitude to someone who made a difference in your life; share your good fortune by donating time or money to a local charity; find some way to give back. Harvest time is a time of plenty and thanks.

Live simply so that others may simply live.


So now for some Midsummer Magic! I would like to share with you a simple Lughnasadh Chakra Clearing to help you feel the soul-filling gifts of abundance and gratitude.

In case you are new to Chakras or need a refresher, I am happy to oblige!


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Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel.”  These “wheels” are the energy centers of the body. They are spinning vortexes of energy situated in a column along the body from the spine’s base to the head’s crown.  There are seven major chakras, each corresponding to various glands of the endocrine system and governing certain organs’ energy.  Each chakra is associated with one of the seven colors of the rainbow and seven specific musical tones (harmonic resonance). They are the embodiment of spiritual energy on the physical plane.

The energy created from emotional responses to physical stimuli runs along the chakras and “feeds” our cells, tissues and organs. Like our unseen breath, which nourishes the body with life-giving oxygen, the unseen energy we create can nourish us or deplete us. 

Try this:

                The next time you experience a strong emotion, take careful note of how your physical body responds.  Does your heart rate go up? Do you feel warmth in your arms, face etc.? 

This is the emotional energy manifesting as a physical sensation. Prolonged emotional responses such as anxiety will manifest physically as ulcers, headaches, etc.  This is why being aware of your body’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states is important.

Having balanced, unblocked chakras assists in keeping the rest of the body in balance. Based on the location in the body, the chakras relate to certain states of consciousness, emotional function, and philosophical constructs.  Lower chakras govern the more practical, physical aspects of our lives, like survival, stability, and trust, while the upper chakras govern spiritual aspects, symbols, and concepts.  Together, they provide the body-mind physical-spiritual connection.

Midsummer Chakra Clearing

Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths to relax yourself. Continue to breathe slowly and evenly while completing the following exercise.

Root Chakra

While visualizing the color red, say to yourself, “I am grounded; my roots grow deep, absorbing the fertile, life-giving Earth energies.”

Sacral Chakra

Visualize the color orange and say, “As Mother Nature creates this bountiful harvest, I, too, create my life every day. The Universe supports my natural creative state.”

Solar Plexus Chakra

Visualize the color yellow and say, “As the sun shines its life-giving light, I radiate light. My soul shines with sacred universal light and love.”

Heart Chakra

Visualize the color green and say, “My heart is full of abundance. My life is full of abundance. I am part of the Universal cycle of unconditional LOVE.”

Throat Chakra

Visualize the color blue and say, “I honor my voice. I nourish myself with the divine energies and release what no longer serves me.

Third Eye Chakra

Visualize the color indigo and say, “I honor my intuition. I know I am part of something greater than myself. I am energy in form. I am abundance.”

Crown Chakra

Visualize violet light bathing you from above. You are surrounded by an ethereal radiance. You feel deeply connected to everything. Repeat to yourself, “The Universe supports my BE-ing. I am LOVE.”

Take a few moments to breathe slowly and deeply, feeling yourself settle back into your body. Feel the flow of breath and the calming, balanced energies created during the meditation.

If you would like more information about Chakras or energy healing please contact me.

Blessings, Love, & Light on this bountiful Midsummer.


Listen to the Midsummer Magic meditation on Spotify.

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