We tend to float through our days in a haze of to-do lists, errands, work responsibilities, and other tasks that typically do not ignite a passion for life. These are all things most of us must do every day. But are they? And can we perhaps change our perspective regarding the mundane?

The older I become, the more I realize Alan Watts was on point when he said, “The real secret of life- is to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”

In our fast-paced world, we tend to see work as a burden, especially if our work has nothing to do with our talents and passions. So we then have a choice- change our view or job, for many of changing careers isn’t that simple. Our jobs afford us a particular lifestyle, pursuing a field we are passionate about but may not. For instance, if you are a chemical engineer but your passion is painting, you will not necessarily be able to maintain your standard of living if you suddenly quit your job to paint. Over time, your skill can develop, and perhaps you will earn more through your art, but upfront there are trade-offs. So, if we do not have the financial ability to quit our current job, then we must change our perspective of work.

What if we start saying, “I’m going to play today” instead of saying, “I’m going to work today”? Sounds like fun. In all actuality, everything we do is play (or practice). Every day, we play being human, but most of the time do not realize it. Being at play, we lose ourselves in the moment. Do you remember playing as a child, lost in the summer sun, running through the woods? We didn’t think about deadlines or worry about what tomorrow would bring- we were fully engaged in the beauty of the moment, play, and whatever our passion was. How did we lose this passion for life?

We started calling it work.

So, let us change our perspective and reignite passionate living. We need to ask ourselves what we are passionate about. Where do we lose ourselves entirely in the moment?

If we are not passionate about our jobs, it doesn’t mean we need to quit; it means we need to view our jobs as a means of pursuing our passions.

(I will mention if you are exhausted because you are working 12+ hour days and have time only for sleep etc., then perhaps a job change is in order.)

A subtle shift in attitude towards work can have tremendous impacts long term. When we no longer greet the morning with the frustration of getting up “just to go to work” and instead greet the day with awe for the adventure that awaits, we align ourselves more potently with our true nature. We are creative beings bursting with potentiality but have blinded ourselves with worry and fret. Every moment we are reborn, each moment we have a choice, we can choose to let our awareness blossom and see the world anew.

Balancing Rock, Adirondacks

We open ourselves to possibility and opportunity when we see the world around us for what it is. The doors that open to us are truly unique when we stop looking for them so intently. Instead of work, play allows us to live passionately in the moment. …And isn’t that what life is truly about?

Let Passion & Play fill your days!


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