Deepening the Journey

The Universe provides us with opportunities in every moment to live our fullest most authentic expression of ourselves. We only need to be open to possibilty.

When we are ready and able to relax and release our attachments we allow space for new experiences, new choices. These subtle shifts can have tremendous impact on our lives.

When we flow moment to moment, resting in mindful awareness, miracles happen. Our potentiality manifests as Universal Love connecting us deeply and we lose our seperateness, our ego. We are only then able to recognize we are one, a single flow of energy existing beyond time and space.

Being able to touch this space of calm, of infinite peace, take practice. We cannot expect to be free of attachment, worry, or stress without actively working on ourselves, gently with patience each day.

Are you ready to touch the infinte? Join me on Spotify for a 10 Day Chakra Cleanse to refresh the spirit and bring balance back into your daily experience.

This course was previously taught at local yoga studios prior to COvID. I am grateful to be able to continue to offer this course through Spotify. It has allowed for greater reach at less cost to participants. This platform also greatly benefits myself as my continued health issues prevent me from teaching in person classes.

The Chakra Cleanse Course will be available end of April 2023!

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