Creative Passion: Releasing the Beast

I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about finally having the luxury of a day off where I can indulge in my one true creative passion – writing. It’s like a breath of fresh air for my creative mind. With no pressing obligations or distractions, I can fully immerse myself in the art of crafting words, weaving stories, and expressing my thoughts. I feel an sense of purpose and fulfillment. Writing is not just a hobby or a means to pass the time; it is a lifeline that connects me to my authentic self, allowing me to communicate, inspire, and leave a mark on the world. Today, with this precious day off at my disposal, I am ready to seize the opportunity to pour my heart and soul into my craft, savoring every word, sentence, and paragraph that dances across the page.

50K in 30 Days

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I am working on an outline for the upcoming NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) challenge. Each November, writers from around the world embark on this exhilarating journey of writing a 50,000-word novel in just 30 days. It is a test of dedication, discipline, and sheer determination, but the rewards are immeasurable. As I shape my characters, construct their intricate narratives, and set the stage for an unforgettable tale, I can’t help but feel a sense of anticipation for the creative adventure that lies ahead. Unfortunately, I did not complete the 50,000 words on my previous attempt, but I will be continuing my saga “The Other Side of Everything” this year.

Creative Activism

Besides my novel outline, I’m also delighted to be revisiting one of my older posts centered around the concept of Mindful Beauty. As the fashion and beauty industry evolves, so too does our understanding of what it truly means to embrace beauty in a mindful and sustainable way. I’m keen to refresh this piece with creative passion including the latest insights, trends, and tips that will help readers cultivate a deeper appreciation for themselves and the world around them. It’s always a joy to revisit my previous work and breathe new life into it, knowing that it has the potential to inspire and resonate with others once again.

Inspired Writing

As if these two writing projects weren’t enough to keep me occupied, I recently stumbled upon a thought-provoking post while scrolling through my Facebook feed. It sparked a flame within me, igniting a train of thought that I simply couldn’t ignore. Inspired by this digital encounter, I’ve decided to channel my passion for writing into crafting a brand-new article that explores the complexities and nuances of the topic at hand. My hope is that it will be rich with intellectual discourse, ripe with personal anecdotes, and shed light on the various perspectives that intertwine within this captivating subject matter. I truly hope that this piece will captivate and engage readers, inviting them to join me in pondering the depths of this intriguing discussion. Perhaps, if I stay intently focused, I may very well complete the article today.

Writing is one of many outlets for my need to create. This need is the burden of the creative soul.

The creative force is as inspiring as it is maddening. It is a driving passion, a single-minded focus. All other thoughts become dampened or drowned out. An inexplicable force exerts itself like some unwieldy caged beast, gnawing relentlessly to be released.

Kristen Simonds, 2018
Creative passion is a gift

Releasing Expectations

With so much creative energy buzzing within me, I must take a moment to relax into the flow. The creative process can be as frustrating as it is joyful. Like writer’s block, I get artistic block, usually from trying to force the process. Creativity is a flow. We have to allow ourselves to relax and find (mental) space to bring forth new constructs or allow new insights into problems that arise. This is true with any creative pursuit. It is that moment when we let go of the outcome that our creative nature can truly shine. When we create for the joy of the process, we touch the infinite; we exist in the moment.

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