The Vibrational Influence: How Music Shapes Our Lives

Music has always been an integral part of human existence, transcending language barriers and cultural boundaries. It has the power to evoke emotions, ignite memories, and transport us to different realms of consciousness. With its vibrational influence, rhythmic patterns, melodic harmonies, and lyrical poetry, music carries within its essence a universal language that speaks directly to the depths of our souls.

Vibrational Influence

Music, weaving its melodic tapestry through every chapter of my existence, has always played a profound role in my life. From the upbeat rhythms that ignited my childhood joy, such as Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough,” to the soul-stirring ballads like Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” or Roy Orbison’s “California Blue,” music has never failed to evoke an array of emotions within me. We each have our own personal playlist of songs that encapsulate the milestones of our lives, serving as a soundtrack to our memories. It is no wonder that music has been an indispensable companion throughout human history, accompanying us in times of celebration, solace, and introspection. It is a universal language that transcends cultural barriers, connecting people from all walks of life in a harmonious symphony of shared experiences.

Genres ‘Through the Years

Father Daughter dance- Through the Years by Kenny Rogers.
Pop & Classical

In my personal experience, I have embarked upon an exploration that encompasses a wide array of musical genres. Popular music, with its contagious melodies and captivating rhythmic patterns, never fails to evoke a sense of excitement within me. As I reflect upon my musical upbringing during the 80s, iconic figures such as Madonna, Elton John, and bands like Journey prominently featured in my musical landscape, contributing to the foundation of my eclectic musical taste. Concurrently, the world of classical music offered a serene sanctuary, transporting me to a realm of tranquility and introspection. I was first introduced to classical music through the serene melodies of nature sounds on tape, accompanied by a variety of classical composers. When I closed my eyes, I was effortlessly transported away by the elegant compositions created by revered masters such as Mozart and Beethoven. This artistic voyage through the realms of various musical genres continues to enrich and inspire me.

Country & Rock

I must not fail to acknowledge the impact of both rock and classic country music. Each of these genres possesses a distinctive ability to evoke intense emotions and allow for the uninhibited expression of deep sentiments. My childhood resounded with the twangs of an acoustic guitar as every road trip was accompanied by 8-tracks of Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, and countless others. I developed a deep appreciation for the stories that unfolded musically, such as Willie Nelson’s duet with Ray Charles “Seven Spanish Angels” or Jimmy Dean’s “Big Bad John.” Those individuals, as well as their music, along with many others, played a vital role in igniting my creativity to craft compelling narratives of resilience and triumph. (see post Creative Passion: Releasing the Beast)

During my formative years, I delved deep into the captivating realm of classic rock. The reverberating tunes of the 1960s and 1970s wielded an unprecedented power, intertwining profound societal messages with enchanting melodies. The likes of Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Jimi Hendrix tirelessly crafted the musical fabric of that era.


The 90s unleashed a powerful wave of rock that resonated with unprecedented intensity. It was an era filled with raw emotions, and the grunge movement emerged as a defining force. A stream of raw talent from Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana introduced the genre to a brand new generation. Bands like Alice in Chains took the world by storm, with their music being a fusion of haunting harmonies unique to the band and soul-stirring melodies. The indescribable chemistry between Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell created a sonic experience that pierced through the very core of our being, forever etching their names into the annals of rock history.

Photo of me from High School.
High School Senior Year Book 1995

I was utterly enthralled by the sheer brilliance and mesmerizing vocal prowess of Scott Weiland. A true master in his craft, he effortlessly captivated audiences with his raw and powerful vocals on their debut album, leaving an indelible mark on the rock genre. As his musical journey progressed, he effortlessly transitioned to deliver softer and more emotive melodies, showcasing his versatility and artistic depth. Alas, like many luminaries before him, he departed from this world far too soon, leaving behind a legacy that will forever resonate with the souls of music lovers everywhere.Even today, the rock genre continues to astound and captivate, for me, with bands such as Foo Fighters, The Darkness, The Parlor Mob, and others.

Chris Cornell

Additionally, one of my favorite vocalists who emerged from the grunge era of the 90s is Chris Cornell. His extraordinary vocal abilities and emotional performances are a touchstone in my life. Cornell’s rendition of “Nothing Compares 2 U” showcases his remarkable range, effortlessly expressing raw emotions that resonate deeply with listeners. His powerful and soulful voice effortlessly transitions between hauntingly tender moments and soaring, intense crescendos, leaving an indelible mark on the listeners soul. This song first performed flawlessly, by the late Sinead O’Connor was written by an accomplished guitarist and song writer, Prince.

Chris Cornell’s untimely death was incredibly heartbreaking for me. While I could not fathom the raw pain his family experienced, I grieved for the music that would never be written, the stories left untold, and the songs that would never be sung by his beautiful voice. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news and how it seemed unbelievable, as did the death of Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters fame. This profound, soul-stirring connection between music and ourselves is ingrained in the very core of our being.

Gift of Music

As the years have passed, my appreciation for music has only intensified, subsequently, I find solace in the heartfelt lyrics of singer-songwriters, whose words resonate with the very core of my being, offering comfort and understanding in moments of vulnerability. My experience has deepened as my son explores his unique talent and passion for music. He has shown me countless examples of melody and composition that stir the soul in ways I had not imagined. The expressive power of music is truly remarkable, as it has the ability to convey emotions that words alone often fail to capture, tapping into our inner most being.

Deepening the Musical Journey

With the advent of streaming platforms and digital technologies, music has never been more accessible. I relish in the ability to explore a vast library of songs from around the globe, discovering hidden gems and immersing myself in diverse cultures through their musical traditions. It is through music that I have developed a deep sense of empathy and appreciation for the richness of human expression, realizing that despite our differences, we are united by the universal language of melody and rhythm.

Vibrational Truth

When we immerse ourselves in the unique vibrational quality of certain music, it is as if a doorway opens to an ethereal dimension. Whereas, it can awaken dormant feelings, ignite passions, and spur a profound engagement with our innermost selves. Whether through the stirring sounds of a symphony orchestra, the haunting melodies of a solo piano, or the pulsating beats of a vibrant drum circle, music has the remarkable ability to touch us on a primal level.

Music & Meditation

In the realm of crafting guided meditations, my approach revolves around a thoughtful selection of instrumental pieces. As I delve into the intricate world of mindfulness and tranquility, I find comfort in music that resonates with the essence of serenity and inner peace. In the same way, it is from this perspective that I meticulously curate a harmonious expanse of nuanced melodies, carefully weaving them behind my spoken words. This delicate fusion of soothing sounds and guided narration serves as a gentle embrace for the listener, guiding them into states of deep relaxation, profound ease, or even uplifting vibrations that ignite the spark of creativity and enhance the pursuit of innovative ideas. With every carefully chosen piece, I therefore aim to create a space where the mind can find solace and the soul can find nourishment. So, whether you seek moments of quiet introspection or a renewed sense of inspiration, allow the melodies and words to intertwine, leading you on a tranquil journey of self-discovery and tranquility.

Music as a Refuge

person playing guitar with musical notes
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So, when we seek contentment, inspiration, or simply a means to escape the mundanity of everyday life, music offers a refuge. It provides solace in times of heartache, encouragement in times of challenge, and celebration in times of triumph. It is a powerful force that resonates deep within us, reminding us of our shared humanity and our capacity for profound connection.


Music has the power to shape our memories, evoke nostalgia, and bring people together in ways that few other art forms can. Whether it’s belting out my favorite tunes in the shower, attending electrifying concerts, or simply losing myself in the joys of seeing my son creating his own melodies, music has always been an integral part of who I am. In essence, music is a language that transcends spoken words. It is a language of emotions, of thoughts, and of unspoken truths. Music nourishes our spirits, sparks our imagination, and allows us to experience the full spectrum of human emotion. It is a treasure trove of stories waiting to be discovered, a symphony of sounds waiting to be explored, and a key that unlocks the hidden depths of our souls.

Spiritual Chills

This essay was inspired by a Facebook post (image left) that I stumbled across the other day. Subsequently, my first thoughts upon reading were regarding the intense emotional response music elicits in me. Immediately, the creative beast stirred, and lines of prose began to form within my being.

I poured my heart and soul into crafting every word of this composition, despite the challenges I face with my writing ability due to health issues. This topic is incredibly meaningful to me, and I wanted to ensure it received the utmost care and attention.

What evokes “spiritual chills” in you? Allow curiosity to take hold as you explore those things that touch the soul with emotion and truth.

I will leave you with one additional video that gives me chills! One of my absolute favorite and amazingly talented guitarists of all time who makes his appearance approximately 3:30 into the performance. Chills.


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