The mesmerizing and soulful compositions produced by Maura have a profound impact on my meditation practice, providing a source of inspiration for my writing and recording sessions. Her music has a unique ability to transport me to a state of tranquility and introspection, allowing me to delve deeper into my thoughts and emotions.

Inspired Writing

When I first began writing meditations, the background music was outside the realm of my planning. I would write and record, then choose from a sample of tracks the podcasting platform provided, therefore not necessarily including inspiring music.

Then, by chance, I discovered Maura and her music on Instagram, and my process has been forever changed. Her lovely musical creations are at

Maura ten Hoopen

Listening to her music alone induces a state of relaxation and contemplation- I invite you to take a moment, sit back and listen. Close your eyes and experience the emotional and healing vibrations rolling through your sacred vessel.

The words of Unlocking Creativity (Miracle Beach by Maura ten Hoopen) and  Inner Wisdom (Subliminal Eye by Maura ten Hoopen) flowed from this space. The music inspired the meditation. 

Perhaps she will be the Inspiration for your next project!

Maura ten Hoopen is a composer from the Netherlands who is specialized in relaxing music. All of her music is available to license at for use in guided meditations, hypnosis, yoga classes, and other projects. You can also enjoy her music on the InsightTimer app during your meditation or look behind the scenes on her Instagram profile(@restfulmind_com).