If another person ever spoke to me the way I have spoken to myself on occasion- it would not be tolerated.
Why then do we tolerate our own negative self-talk? Who taught us this behavior is acceptable?
Somewhere along the line we decided to believe that:
1.) We are never allowed to make a mistake.
2.) Our lives need to be as perfect as those presented on social media.
3.) Our wants are more important than our needs.
4.) There is some ideal of perfection in beauty, social circles, finance and other life areas that we do not meet.

Stop believing nonsense.

Perfect is boring.

You are a unique expression of the Universe learning what it is to be a human being on a planet orbiting the sun at 66,616 mph, while the solar system hurtles through space at 450,000mph.

Enjoy the ride.

Let go of the baggage.

Treat each day as a miracle.

And most of all LOVE YOURSELF!

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