Discover the Interconnectedness of Being: Suchness

Let mindfulness permeate your days in small ways, like enjoying the beauty of a sunset, the smell of the rain, or the smile on a child’s face—small moments of attention and awareness of the present that allow us to discover interconnectedness.

For a more profound experience, contemplate an everyday object such as a table. What is the suchness of a table?

Trace the table piece by piece: the store where the table was purchased, the person who sold it, how it was delivered to the store, and the people involved with the transportation and manufacturing of the table.

Contemplate the people who transported the lumber, where the lumber came from, the loggers, the forest, the animals that called the tree home, the soil, the air, the rain, and sunlight.

Contemplate the seed that finds its way to fertile soil and from whence and where it came.

Then think about the screws or nails- the people, the ore, the rocks, the eons of geologic deposits and activity for us to have nails, screws, nuts, and bolts.

It isn’t just a table; it is an embodiment of the universe. When we are mindful of these things, we have a deeper appreciation for the blessings in our lives and the interconnectedness of our lives as part of nature.


I offer you a guided meditation on suchness, a visualization of the interconnectedness of being. Listen Now

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