༄Meditation allows us to touch the place of stillness ever present within.
Though thoughts float through our minds, we release the need to attach or follow them. We discover a more profound sense of our body, noting areas of constriction, and we can foster an environment for release.
Meditation allows for a holistic understanding of self while slowly dissolving the ego and attachment, creating peace in mind, body, and spirit.

Try a free guided meditation- link in bio to discover a renewed sense of self-awareness and inner peace.

Are you looking to take your journey deeper? subscribe (only $2.99 a month) on Spotify to access the 10-Day Chakra Balancing Course! Available also on Insight Timer for Premium Members. This course was taught at local yoga studios for $125 prior to Covid. This shift of focus to online platforms allows me to offer it at a reduced price to be able to provide valuable teachings to a greater demographic.

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