Our lives are rife with patterns. However, because we become so busy, we miss the intricate nuances of our lives. Slowing down, flowing towards more natural rhythms, we begin to see the patterns of our lives mirrored in Nature. Physical patterns such as veins, trees, or river systems are apparent to the curious observer.
However, It is also the more subtle patterns of life and death mirrored in the seasons, or the cycles of the moon mirroring the sacred feminine, which points us towards more profound mysteries and hidden truths; sometimes disguised as a bluebird on an October day, a pebble on a river bed, or the myriad of reflections in the morning dew clinging to a spider’s web.

Mother Nature hides her mysteries in plain sight.

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Experiencing the patterns or suchness of Nature does not require us to book expensive trips to distant locals or even go for a walk in the woods. A gentle leaf can allow one to view the intricate patterns of existence. The veins in the leaves are reflections of our blood vessels and lightning.
Taking time to experience the suchness of this mystical orb we call Earth opens us to a more harmonious existence. When we begin to live in tune with the rhythms and patterns of Nature, our vitality increases along with joy.

A more organic approach to life can benefit our overall health and well-being. To start, consider waking up at sunrise each day and taking a few moments to bask in the warmth and light of the sun. This can help invigorate the body, prepare us for the day ahead, and provide a natural source of vitamin D.

Incorporating organic living into our daily routine involves adopting a practice of mindful eating. This requires us to dedicate our full attention to the food we consume, focusing on fruits and vegetables. Before indulging in our meal, it is crucial to take a moment to appreciate the sensory experience of the food. By selecting fresh, organic produce and finding a peaceful location to enjoy our meal, we can ensure that we are fully present in the moment. During the consumption process, pay close attention to the food’s texture, color, aroma, and taste. Savor each bite and relish in the flavors that Nature has to offer.

When we eat mindfully, we can better digest our food and prevent overeating. Additionally, we can appreciate our food’s journey to reach us. Consider the energy that went into growing the fruit – the soil, water, and sunlight that nourished it. By consuming the fruit’s nutrients, we are returning to where we began with the seed, which holds the potential for future nourishment from the cycles of Nature.

Incorporating simple habits into our daily lives that promote natural and mindful living can significantly impact us. By adopting a more conscious approach to life, we can experience genuine joy and fulfillment. Taking the time to appreciate the gifts of Nature can also help us understand the patterns and cycles that shape our existence.

Embrace the practice of mindfulness by integrating it into your daily routines, appreciating the subtleties of life such as the allure of a sunset, the fragrance of rain, or the joy expressed on a child’s countenance. Additionally, we will delve into a deep contemplation of a mundane object, like a table, urging you to reflect upon its essence. Through this exploration, you will unveil the universe contained within the seemingly ordinary. Listen now to Suchness: A Meditation.

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