Magical meditation tools!

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Being consistent with my practice is essential during times of dis-ease. As I navigate my way through this healing process I am mindful of my mental and physical needs. Now is a time of rest and replenishment.

I am slowly approaching a time of recovery. My active illness has depleted my energy and strength. Most days are exhausting mentally and physically.

Patience. Patience. Patience.

Quieting my mind and body is essential on the long road of recovery.
Remember to be gentle with yourself. By taking on too much and spreading ourselves too thin we invite dis-ease.
Lesson learned!

Inner Space

My inner space is almost constantly pondering. I can’t help it. The phrase would be “I can’t turn off my brain.” But is it my brain that won’t turn off?

Hence my last trip down the rabbit hole of my inner space.

We have been taught that consciousness resides in the brain along with memory and personality. But what if that is a shortsighted notion?

Consciousness may in fact be something we “tap into.” A pervasive field of information that flows through all of existence. We and with all other life are receptors for this field. Our DNA designates us as human therefore our DNA is the receptor for human consciousness. A tree taps into the field of “tree” etc…
We can think of it like a guidance system. Humans (and perhaps other life) has the ability to change their DNA in order to tap into higher planes of consciousness.

Our DNA exists in every cell of our body. Our entire body is then capable of holding memories and gives rise to our personality.

Evidence of this can be seen in people who have received organ transplants. Many transplant recipients have reported having new skills, memories that are not theirs, and personality traits never before displayed. They display the traits of the donors.

Our connection to all life is written in our DNA. The Higgs Boson or God Particle is entangled with mass/gravity or physical form. It allows the field (energy) to collapse into matter (form). Because of form we can then tap into the field of consciousness (or ether or Akasha).

We literally are the Universe experiencing itself. It is a self referring loop. Everything from super novas to grasshoppers are intrinsically connected through the field of consciousness.

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Patty’s GoFundMe

Hello friends and fellow wordsmiths. Below is an excerpt from my dear friend’s GoFundMe page. I know these are difficult times financially for everyone but I kindly ask for you help. Can you spare $5? The cost of an average specialty coffee to help a fellow human through a very difficult time? Patty isn’t asking for much. She has simple needs at this time- medical bills, mortgage, electricity, gas… Things most of us take for granted. So can you spare $5 to help my friend as she graciously navigates stage 4 ovarian cancer?

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Also, if you are in able to give could you please share the link to the GoFundMe?



Sidewalk in the sun

I let the baggage drop today. It was getting too heavy, the older I get the more it weighs.
So I let it go.

I left it on a sidewalk in the sun.
It was holey and worn with tatters and frays and no longer suited me. I don’t even remember everything I was carrying around anymore.

Oh well, it doesn’t matter anymore.
I left it for the Universe on a sidewalk in the sun.